Turf Seeds – Microtherms

Poa nemoralis:

This species has a tufted appearance, with an average size and leaves that often wilt. It reacts well to shaded conditions and arouses interest for its aesthetic appearance but it cannot endure heavy trampling.

This is a tufted plant that grows loosely and has a low size. It thrives in different soil and climatic conditions; it resists the cold well and drought moderately well. It is especially suitable for sandy and shaded ground and can be used in turf mixtures for undergrowth. It cannot endure heavy trampling.

Quantity of seeds: 20gr/m2.

  • Colour 80%
  • Aesthetic 70%
  • Climate 100%
  • Drought Resistance 60%
  • Soil 50%
  • Settlement 50%
  • Trampling Resistance 30%
  • Disease Resistance 60%

Poa nemoralis


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