Turf Seeds – Microtherms

Trifolium repens:

It is has creeping, stoloniferous stems, usually purplish in colour and only sometimes bushy.

It hardly exceeds 20cm in height. Its creeping stem allows vegetative reproduction, hence its behaviour as a perennial plant.

Alternate leaves are trifoliate. These sometimes show white patches, which makes Trifolium Repens easy to distinguish from other species of the same genus. They bloom into flower heads with white or cream flowers.

Quantity of seeds: 20gr/m2.

  • Colour 100%
  • Aesthetic 60%
  • Climate 100%
  • Drought Resistance 22%
  • Soil 88%
  • Settlement 70%
  • Trampling Resistance 66%
  • Disease Resistance 80%

Dichondra repens

SEED DOSES: 15-20gr/m2

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