Animal Feed

Animal Feed for Sale

Animal Feed for Sale

The range consists of complete and balanced high-quality mixtures for seed-eating birds (canaries, parakeets, exotic birds, medium-large and Australian parrots) characterised by careful component selection and exclusive formulations, from prized mixed breeds for indigenous birds and carefully-selected materials from around the world.

BALANCED DIET Long experience in this sector and collaboration with major bird breeders ensures the quality and careful planning of the compositions, which are balanced and palatable.

NATURAL DIET The mixture of whole grains, made without additives, are subject to strict quality control of the raw materials used.

HEALTHY DIET The production chain of our company rigorously follows a self-control hygiene and sanitation plan according to the HACCP principles set down by the European and national regulations of the Hygiene Package.

Complete and innovative range of feed dedicated to those in the fields of professional and amateur ornithology, a favourite choice in the higher market.

The range is distributed in packs of 1, 5 or 20kg

The text, which is available in 5 languages (Italian, French, English, Slovenian, Croatian), makes the product available to a wider market.

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