Feed for super racing pigeons


Sack of 20kg
Packed reel containing 5kg with handle
PALLETS: From 20 = 1000Kg

Feed for super racing pigeons

Animal Feed

Mixture of whole seeds in their natural state, selected and disinfected; formulated to meet everyday requirements and ensure good shape as well as natural and brilliant plumage.
Having access to a varied and well-formed mixture brings animals closer to natural conditions, allowing them to meet their own nutritional needs independently.

Instructions for correct use:

Administer dry, with a container of fresh, drinking water. Ensure before each dose that the feeder has been cleaned and washed. This cleaning will also have to be done to the drinking trough.


Maize, Gritz-Marano Maize, Wheat, Pea, Red Broom Corn, White Popping Sorghum, Vetch, Small Sunflower, Broad Bean.

SEMINART offers a range of products designed to meet the requirements of ornithology.

ECO is a complete and innovative range of feed dedicated to professional and amateur ornithology, a favourite choice in the higher market.

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