Sacks of 10kg per 270/280 m2
Sacks of 5kg per 130/150 m2
Boxes of 1kg per 27/30 m2


Star Green

Destination: Parks, ornamental gardens with little exposure to the sun

This is a slow-growing turf. Thanks to the varieties used and the high percentage of Poa Nemoralis, it is especially suitable for gardens with an extensive surface covered by plants and with little sun exposure.

Quantity of seeds: 3.5g per 100 m2.

Data Sheet

  • Maintenance 95%
  • Settlement 95%
  • Trampling Resistance 65%
  • Disease Resistance 65%
  • Drought Resistance 40%
  • Density 95%
  • Colour 98%


Seeding Doses: 3.5kg per 100 m2.
Sowing period: Optimal in March-April or end of August-September. It is possible in adjacent months as well depending on climatic conditions.
Care: Look out for weeds and fungal diseases.
Irrigation: Necessary.
Germination: 8-12 days in ideal conditions.
First Cut: After 21-30 days.
First Use: Limited after 60-70 days.


Perennial Ryegrass
Smooth Meadow-Grass
Chewing's Fescue
Red Fescue
Sheep's Fescue
Tall Fescue
Wood Meadow-Grass


The most sought-after features are adaptability, resistance to disease, trampling, thermal and water stress. The products on offer have been tested for decades and they are revised on an annual basis to respond to climate change and enhance the characteristics of the new varieties.

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